Shingle roofing

A roof can be a large budget to anyone of us. Being a certified roofing company, IM Roofing thrives on getting its clientele the most warranty money can buy, by providing system plus components by GAF prior to the shingle application.

Eaves protection:

  • large custom pre-painted metal drip edge at eaves made of 26-gauge pre-painted steel.
    What it does: It deflects water into the eavestroughs properly and covers the gap between the roof deck and fascia board, and deters rodents from chewing holes to the attic space.
  • 3 to 6 feet of ice and water shield at the perimeter of the roof and all protrusions, and 3 feet under all valley systems.
    What it does: The self-adhering waterproofing underlayment is used to help prevent damage caused by ice dams.
  • shingles underlayment: DeckArmor premium synthetic underlayment over remaining roof areas.
    What It does: this will provide an additional layer of moisture protection under the shingles, ensuring a smoother surface for shingle application, and provides a class A fire rated system when used with fiberglass base shingles.
  • Proper and adequate ventilation systems for the attic space. We will make sure the attic space is well equipped with an intake system (soffit venting, edge-by venting). Exhaust systems, maximum vents, ridge vents or slant back vents all depend on the architecture & age of your home.
  1. Lifetime Shingles
  2. Cobra Attic Ventilation
  3. Roof Deck Protection
  1. Starter Strip Shingles
  2. Leak Barriers
  3. Ridge Cap Shingles

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Installing a new skylight, replacing or upgrading a new one, IM Roofing is a certified velux installer and will provide you with the best options and guaranteed workmanship.

Leaking Skylight?
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Rather a single, double, or triple flue chimney, the chimney is a critical part of your home and should be treated with extra care. By building a saddle to a break chimney, the saddle will prevent snow & ice buildups behind the chimney and deflects water & snow away from the chimney.

Leaking Chimney Flashing?
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IM Roofing always inspects the roof deck integrity and will rectify any damaged or rotted wood prior to shingle application.

Sagging Roof? Fallen Tree Damage?
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  • We had a major structural damage when a tree branch landed on our roof caused by a wind storm. IM Roofing was highly recommended. Younes had arrived the following day, did a temporary repair to stop water from going into the house and created a report that was eventually forwarded to our insurance company. Within a week, a full crew of technicians came along and did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend IM Roofing for any major roofing issues. Thank you Younes.



At IM Roofing, we emphasize proper and adequate ventilation, because it doesn’t only maintain the correct temperature in your attic but is also a matter of paramount importance to the life of the shingle roof.

Leaking Vents? Too Much Heat in your Attic?
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Valley Systems

Whether a closed or open metal valley, a valley is another critical spot on the roof. IM Roofing uses the 3 proper steps necessary for the valley application:

  • ice and water shield
  • swift starter along the edges
  • trimming back the shingle corners

Leaking or Damaged Roof Valleys?
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